The bb Ophicléide was the first instrument Jerome designed and built while he was still a student. This instrument was reborn in its modern form after it was forgotten by brass makers since the 1920s. It uniquely combines the sound of an historical instruments with much better pitch and modern keywork.

This design allows the musician to play with ease passages that would be more difficult on period instruments. The Bb Ophicléide by Jerome Wiss has been played in concert regularly, most notably with the orchestra “Les Siècles” for the perfromance of Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique. This model of ophicléide has 10 keys (9 or 11 possible keys upon request) and features adjustable hands brackets to fit each musician. The two keys that are closest from the bell have an adjustable opening lift screw, enabling the optimization of pitch and tune.

The instrument is unlacqued (but may be upon request). Jérôme Wiss got the first prize in the regional competition of Crafts and the third prize in the national competition in 2014 for the production of this instrument.

Price: from € 10,490 VAT