The J.WISS “R. Szentpali” mouthpieces were produced in collaboration with the international Hungarian soloist Roland Szentpali. Two models are available: Bass Tuba and Contrebasse Tuba.

The “Contrabass Tuba” or “CB” model, thanks to its unique design, offers perfect control in the bass registers of the tuba to allow a rich and deep orchestral playing while maintaining the great finesse of touch characteristic of J.WISS mouthpieces. It impresses with its powerful and radiant sound, allowing the tubist to express with total control the most extreme ranges and playing modes of his instrument both in the orchestra and as a soloist. This model is particularly suitable for double bass tubas in C and Bb.

Available in silver or gold finish, each mouthpiece is hand engraved.

Special engravement can be done on demand, please, send us an email for further informations

Prices: 195 € in Silver finish, 235 € in Gold finish