The J.WISS “G. Capet” mouthpieces were produced in collaboration with the French soloist and teacher Gabriel Capet. Three models are available: Tuba bass ,Tuba bass “S” and Contrabass Tuba.

The “Bass Tuba” model is characterized by a precise, warm and particularly easy touch in order to offer the instrumentalist total freedom and perfect playing comfort. Designed to adapt to all situations and ranges of solo playing such as orchestral, this versatile mouthpiece par excellence is a staple of the J.WISS collection especially for tubas in Eb and F.

NEW An “S” variant of the bass tuba model exists. This variant has a smaller inlet diameter 31.2mm (compared to 32.2mm) and flatter rim than the original version. The sound and playing qualities are preserved with an identical design of the bore/cup/backbore. The changes are only made on the rim in order to have a comfort and a different size from the original version.

The “Double bass Tuba” or “CB” model with its impressive 33.9 mm diameter at the entrance is designed especially for tubists looking for a rich and powerful orchestral playing while maintaining the precision and comfort characteristics of the range. Gabriel Capet. This model is particularly suitable for contrabass tubas in C and Bb.

Available in silver or gold finish, each mouthpiece is hand engraved.

Special engravement can be done on demand, please, send us an email for further informations

Prices: 195 € in Silver finish, 235 € in Gold finish