-Bore: 11.70mm
-Wiss pistons system
-Handmade bell in one piece
-Several alloys are available: Brass, Rose Brass, Bronze, Silver
-Finishes: raw, placqued or silver
-Bell diameter: 122mm
-Weight: between 1060 and 1200 grams according to the options
-Price: on demand
The Bb trumpet by Jérôme Wiss is the culmination of immense acoustic research. It aims to perfect the pitch of the standard trumpet valve design.The shape of the bell is due to a request to brighten the sound of the model 6/20, making it more standard. A different mouthpipe and principal tuning slide as been designed to be in a complete harmony with the bell of this model. The new Wiss piston system facilitates flexibility and provides a full and uniform sound over the entire range. The acoustic work done upstream gives the trumpet a feel that is second to none. The new valve work on the trumpet renders a 3rd valve slide useless.

The instrument, by special request, can be delivered in plain finish, lacquered, silver or gold plated. This horn has been ergonomically designed, offering playability and balance due to a very centered piston block. The hand position, slightly modified, allows a less tense position. The musician can breathe more freely and tires less quickly.